The 9th International Canlandıranlar Film Festival, organized by the Canlandıranlar Association, goes live thanks to Peak on Monday, October 18th, with contributions from Institut Français Istanbul, Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Turkish Conference Interpreters Association, Bigumigu, and ABCOO. The festival, which will take place on several platforms in Istanbul between October 18 and 24, will …

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A Journey in the Animation World: Sayoko Kinoshita

We will have a “A Journey in the World of Animation” discussion with our Guest of Honor, Sayoko Kinoshita, whose career in the animation world spans more than 40 years. She will also provide information about the films included in the Animation Festival selections she curated. 23.10.2021 Saturday 16:15 Register here

A Portrait: Lea Zagury

Lea Zagury, one of the Anima Mundi Festival’s founders, will join us for a conversation about animation, festivals, and life, as well as bringing her exquisite Brazilian selection. 22.10.2021 Friday 20:00 Register here

What do Augmented and Virtual Reality Technologies Bring to Animation?

Is it just like Einstein said, that “reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one”? We will take a deep dive into the world of VR/AR (Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality) with the founder of Innerspacevr Balthazar Auxietre and Adobe Resident Artist Nurbanu Asena; discuss their contributions to animation, their own productions, and the latest …

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Trailer Making for Short Animated Movies

How to make trailers for short animated movies? Moderated by Berna Gençalp, we will talk with Fırat Terzioğlu about the difficulties and examples of making trailers for short animated films. Do not miss this workshop! 19.10.2021 Tuesday 16:30 Register here

Anime and Manga Universes

Are Anime Lovers Here? Academician on Japanese anime cinema, Selen Çalık Bedir and manga translator Hümeyra Özcan will be our guests at the 9th International Canlandıranlar Film Festival. This colourful conversation is not to be missed. 19.10.2021 Tuesday 13:00 Register here


‘Canlandıranlar’ is a rather poetic way of saying ‘animators’ in Turkish. All projects entitled “Canlandıranlar” are developed by Berat Ilk, since 2008. Canlandıranlar (Animators) focuses on talents and organizes various events through volunteering. We support short independent animation films and also organize the International Canlandıranlar Film Festival since 2013.  

Canlandıranlar Animators Association

Animators Association is established in 2011 by Berat İlk as the founder and president, and Cemal Erez, Yonca Ertürk, Vincent Bouvard, İdil Ar, Melis Bilgin, Gökhan Okur as founders. All the founders and the members of the association are awarded artists, directors and producers. In 2012 Berat İlk also founded ASIFA Turkey. Canlandıranlar is a …

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Canlandıranlar Derneği Vakıfbank, TR 9100 0150 0158 0072 9963 9602

Board Members

Yonca Ertürk İdil Ar Melis Bilgin Cemal Erez Vincent Bouvard Gökhan Okur Berat İlk  

Short Film Competition

The Canlandıranlar International Film Festival (Istanbul-Turkey) that will be held between 18-24 October announced its official selection, including film in competition. 56 films from 24 countries will compete for the 4 prizes. 7 are out of Turkey and 6 from France. The official selection includes 138 films from the 818 valid entries that were received. …

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Talent Camp

Canlandıranlar Talent Camp is a year long organization that first took place during 2010 and includes education and short animation film production. It was first realized as one of İstanbul 2010 European Capital of Culture activities in partnership with İstanbul Bilgi University. A number of universities and production companies are supporters of Canlandıranlar Talent Camp. …

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International Canlandıranlar Film Festival

Since 2013 Canlandıranlar Association organizes Canlandıranlar International Animation Film Festival and screens independent animation films from all over the world. Selections of Annecy, View, O!pla festivals and Canlandıranlar Talent Camp films are screened at Canlandıranlar Festival. Festival also hosts talks, panels, workshops and industry meetings. Canlandıranlar Association also organizes the ASIFA event, International Animation Day. …

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