Talent Camp

Canlandıranlar Talent Camp is a year long organization that first took place during 2010 and includes education and short animation film production. It was first realized as one of İstanbul 2010 European Capital of Culture activities in partnership with İstanbul Bilgi University. A number of universities and production companies are supporters of Canlandıranlar Talent Camp.

Canlandıranlar Talent Camp focuses on the young people who already work in the animation field and for those who are interested in entering the field.

The aim of Canlandıranlar Talent Camp is to support independent animation cinema in Turkey and to provide a free artistic area for young artists to express whatever and however they need to express. Canlandıranlar Talent Camp welcomes all animation techniques. And it allows participants and professionals to meet and work together while providing insights into the basics of animation. 

Directors who want to make their animated shorts send their projects to Canlandıranlar Talent Camp. The accepted projects are supported for an entire year throughout all stages of production: scriptwriting, storyboard, production, sound, music. Professional consultants are called to give advice, production companies give technical support at various stages. At the end, the short films are presented at a Gala evening of the Canlandıranlar International Film Festival. Subsequently the films are sent to local and international film festivals. Dozens of short films are produced through the Canlandıranlar Talent Camp. The themes, contents and techniques of these films vary broadly. Many of these films are awarded and screened in national and international festivals.