‘Canlandıranlar’ is a rather poetic way of saying ‘animators’ in Turkish. All projects entitled “Canlandıranlar” are developed by Berat Ilk, since 2008. Canlandıranlar (Animators) focuses on talents and organizes various events through volunteering. We support short independent animation films and also organize the International Canlandıranlar Film Festival since 2013.  

Canlandıranlar Animators Association

Animators Association is established in 2011 by Berat İlk as the founder and president, and Cemal Erez, Yonca Ertürk, Vincent Bouvard, İdil Ar, Melis Bilgin, Gökhan Okur as founders. All the founders and the members of the association are awarded artists, directors and producers. In 2012 Berat İlk also founded ASIFA Turkey. Canlandıranlar is a …

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Canlandıranlar Derneği Vakıfbank, TR 9100 0150 0158 0072 9963 9602

Board Members

Yonca Ertürk İdil Ar Melis Bilgin Cemal Erez Vincent Bouvard Gökhan Okur Berat İlk  

Short Film Competition

The Canlandıranlar International Film Festival (Istanbul-Turkey) that will be held between 18-24 October announced its official selection, including film in competition. 56 films from 24 countries will compete for the 4 prizes. 7 are out of Turkey and 6 from France. The official selection includes 138 films from the 818 valid entries that were received. …

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