Coca Island

Coca Island
Defne Doğan, Fatma Nalbant
05:00 | Turkey

Once upon a time Candler the explorer sailed to an unknown island and met a giant named Mali who lives there. At first Candler got scared of the huge creature but they became friends shortly after. Mali offered their traditional drink “Cola” to Candler as a sign of friendship. Candler loved the drink so much that he wanted everyone in the world should taste it too. Would Mali allow it?

Defne Doğan

Defne Doğan was born on October 11, 1999 in İzmir, Turkey. She went to primary and secondary school here and continued her high school education at Etkin Temel Lise which she graduated first. She won the Department of Cartoon and Animation at Kütahya Dumlupınar University in 2018 and she continues her education as a senior student.


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