Shadi Adib
7:18 | Germany | 2018

A mousetrap snaps shut, a market place awakens. A group of men heatedly discuss how to kill the animal in the little box. One after the other, they try to trump each other’s sadistic fantasies, and even a stranger’s suggestion to let the creature loose, turns out to be a sick manipulation. But as the macabre game unfolds and spirals out of control, both victim and tormentor suffer the same fate.

Tampere Film Festival Finland 08.03.18

ITFS Stuttgart Animation Festival Germany 24.04.18

Animafest Zagreb Animation Festival Croatia 04.06.18

Annecy Animation Film Festival France 11.06.18

Fest Anca Animation Festival, Zilina Slovakia 28.06.18

Galway Film Fleadh Ireland 10.07.18

Supertoon Animation Festival, Šibenik Croatia 22.07.18

Anibar Animation Festival, Peja Kosovo 13.08.18

Imagaria Animation Festival, Conversano Italy 21.08.18

Animanima, Cacak Serbia 04.09.18

LINOLEUM Animation Festival, Kiev Ukraine 06.09.18

FAB Festival of Animation Berlin Germany 08.09.18

World Festival of Animated Film, Varna Bulgaria 12.09.18

Viborg Animation Festival Denmark 24.09.18

AnimaSyros Animation Festival Greece 26.09.18

Lund Fantastisk Film Festival Sweden 27.09.18

Anim’est Festival, Bucharest Romania 28.09.18

Tofuzi Animation Festival, Batumi Georgia 01.10.18

Timishort Film Festival Romania 07.10.18

Klik! Amsterdam Animation Festival Netherlands 10.10.18

TIAF Taichung Animation Festival Taiwan 11.10.18

Nice Film Festival C’est Trop Court France 13.10.18

New Orleans Film Festival USA 17.10.18

BIAF Bucheon Animation Festival Korea 19.10.18

Cartoons Underground Singapore 24.10.18

Multivision Animation Festival Russia 27.10.18

Epic ACG Fest USA 27.10.18

Kuandu Animation Festival (KDIAF) Taiwan 28.10.18

San Sebastian Horror and Fantasy Film Festival Spain 29.10.18

Denver Film Festival USA 31.10.18

CutOut Animation Festival Mexico 01.11.18

Gdansk Animation Film Festival Poland 08.11.18

Alcine Film Festival Spain 09.11.18

Reggio Film Festival Italy 11.11.18

Cinanima Portugal 12.11.18

Festival Etiuda&Anima Poland 20.11.18

Les Sommets du cinema d’animation Canada 21.11.18

Anchorage Film Festival USA 30.11.18

Animateka Slovenia 06.12.18

Bamberger Kurzfilmtage Germany 21.01.19

Void Animation Festival, Copenhagen Denmark 24.01.19

Oxford Film Festival USA 06.02.19

Animayovka Festival Belarus 28.10.18

Cairo International Animation Forum Egypt 20.02.19

Animac, Lleida Spain 21.02.19

Tehran International Animation Festival Iran 03.03.19

Omaha Film Festival USA 05.03.19

Cinécran – Rencontres du cinéma européen, Vannes France 06.03.19

Watersprite International Student Film Festival, Cambridge UK 07.03.19

Tokyo Anime Festival Japan 08.03.19

Kontrast Bayreuther Filmfest Germany 09.03.19

REGARD Short Film Festival Saguenay Canada 13.03.19

Athens Animfest Greece 14.03.19

Ca’ Foscari Short Film Festival, Venice Italy 20.03.19

Monstra Animation Festival, Lisbon Portugal 22.03.19

Animation Dingle, Kilkenny Ireland 23.03.19

Festival du Film de Fontenay-le-Comte France 25.03.19

Underexposed Film Festival yc, Rock Hill USA 28.03.19

Trinationales Filmfestival am Oberrhein Germany 02.04.19

Go Short, Nijmegen Netherlands 03.04.19

SHORTS Trinationales Filmfestival Offenburg Germany 04.04.19

Skepto International Film Festival, Caligari Italy 04.04.19

ClujShorts Romania 06.04.19

Animocje Animtion Festival, Bydgoszcz Poland 07.04.19

Filmfest Dresden Germany 09.04.19

Arizona International Film Festival USA 10.04.19

Cinemicinemà Short Festival, Arezzo Italy 11.04.19

Blon Animtion & Games Festival, Klaipėda Lithuania 11.04.19

Capital City Film Festival USA 12.04.19

Dallas Film Festival USA 12.04.19

Dead by Dawn Scotland’s International Horror Film Festival, Edinburgh UK 19.04.19

Sehsüchte Student Film Festival, Potsdam Germany 24.04.19

Brussels Short Film Festival Belgium 25.04.19

Animex Awards, Middlesbrough UK 01.05.19

Twister Alley Film Festival, Woodward USA 02.05.19

Galacticat Fantastic Film Festival, Tarrega Spain 05.06.19

Anifilm, Trebon Czech Republic 07.05.19

Chilemonos Festival Chile 08.05.19

LISFE Leiden Short Film Experience Netherlands 09.05.19

Fantaspoa Film Festival, Porto Alegre Brazil 16.05.19

New Jersey International Film Festival, New Brunswick USA 07.06.19

Doc Sunback Film Festival USA 13.06.19

Florida Animation Festival USA 14.06.19

Nahal International Student Film Festival Iran 16.06.19

Animación Animadeba, Deba Spain 19.06.19

Euganea Film Festival, Padua Italy 20.06.19

Open World Animation Festival, Allentown USA 11.07.19

Animation Volda Norway 12.09.19

Cartoon Club, Rimini Italy 13.07.19

Insomnia Animation Festival, Moscow Russia 18.07.19

Frozen Film Festival, San Francisco USA 19.07.19

Elche Independent Film Festival, Alicante Spain 19.07.19

Alpinale Short Film Festival, Dornbirn Austria 06.08.19

La Guarimba Short Film Festival, Amantea Italy 07.08.19

HollyShorts Film Festival, LA USA 08.08.19

Bengaluru International Short Film Festival India 15.08.19

We Like ‘Em Short Film Festival, Baker City USA 16.08.19

Lviv Short Film Festival Wiz-Art Ukraine 19.08.19

Macabro Horror Film Festival, Mexico City Mexico 22.08.19

307 Film Festival, Laramie USA 24.08.19

NFMLA New Filmmakers Los Angeles USA 24.08.19

Warsaw Animation Festival Poland 30.08.19

Carton Animation Festival, Buenos Aires Argentina 02.09.19

Cinequest Film Festival, Provo USA 06.09.19

Quebec City Film Festival Canada 12.09.19

/slash Film Festival, Vienna Austria 20.09.19

Bit Bang Animation Festival, Buenos Aires Argentina 25.09.19

Gig Harbor Film Festival USA 26.09.19

Animario Spain 26.09.19

World of Film Festival Glasgow UK 03.10.19

Santa Cruz Film Festival USA 09.10.19

Festival de Cine de Madrid Spain 10.10.19

Thessaloniki Animation Festival Greece 10.10.19

Chaniartoon Animation Festival, Chania Greece 13.10.19

Rennes Fantastic Short Film Festival France 15.10.19

TOHorror Film Fest, Torino Italy 15.10.19

Santa Fe Independent Film Festival USA 16.10.19

Sapporo Short Film Festival Japan 16.10.19

Kerry International Film Festival Ireland 17.10.19

Filmets Badalona Film Festival Spain 19.10.19

Celtic Animation Film Festival, Liverpool UK 20.10.19

Contact – International Student Film Festival, Izmir Turkey 21.10.19

TOHorror Film Festival, Torino Italy 22.10.19

CRAFT Animation Festival, Yogyakarta Indonesia 28.10.19

St. Cloud Film Festival USA 02.11.19

Norwich Film Festival UK 07.11.19

Ax Wound Film Festival, Brattleboro USA 15.11.19

Flensburger Kurzfilmtage Germany 20.11.19

DukaFest Student Film Festival, Banja Luka Bosnia and Herzegovina 21.11.19

Poitiers Film Festival France 30.11.19

Palm Springs Animation Festival USA 14.12.19

Filmkreis shorts, Darmstadt Germany 29.01.20

CineClass Student Film Festival, Paris France 30.03.20

Ivy Film Festival, Providence USA 13.04.20

Bastalavista Genre Film Festival, Hannover Germany 29.05.20

Flipbook Film Festival, Skopje Macedonia 07.08.20

Cheongju International Short Film Festival South Korea 20.08.20

– Celtic Animation 2019: Honorable Mention

– Animadeba 2019: Best Short

– Doc Sunback Film Festival: Best Animation

– Galacticat Fantastic Film Festival 2019: Best Animation

– Filmfest Dresden 2019: Grand Prix Youth Jury

– Watersprite Student Film Festival, Cambridge 2019: Best Animation

– FBW german critique award – seal of approval 2018: highly recommended

– BIAF Bucheon Animation Festival 2018: Special Student Award

Shadi Adib
About Director
Shadi Adib
Shadi Adib was born in Tehran. Her passion for drawing lead her to a B.D. as graphic designer from Tehran’s Fine Art Faculty and her M.A. as animation director. After that, she worked in Tehran as a concept designer and animator, until she moved to Germany to study at the Animationsinstitut der Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg. Already at the beginning of her lateral entry program, her initial project “Filmfabrik” was chosen to be the ITFS Trailer for 2015. Alongside further contributions in third-party projects like “Ich kenne ein Tier”, Shadi developed and animated two films for the Haus der Geschichte Stuttgart as part of the 150th birthday of Carl Lämmle, which were presented until summer 2017 as part of the exhibition. The ad, one of those two films which were produced for the event, was running as part of the Filmschau Baden-Württemberg und earned lots of positive response. In Tehran she worked on her shortfilm “Like a Dream” (“Best Film” 4th Tehran Urban Film Festival) and on the many times awarded short „Alzheimer“ (i.a. “Golden Prize for the best animation” 8th Tehran Animation Festival) as screenwriter, concept artist, and animator. She completed her work on her latest short “Fuse” in 2017. The film was drawn entirely on paper and features among others Nick Cave as one of the main voice actors.

Fuse Fuse Fuse Fuse