Kring! | Kring!
Hilmi Ismail
07:25 | Malaysia | 2019

KRING! is a story about Suraya, a passionate elementary school teacher who faces a uniquely problematic student, Mael that has difficulties understanding her teachings in class. Follow her journey in discovering new ways of teaching Mael.

1. 5th Animation Marathon 2019

2. MAAC-24FPS International Animation Awards 2019

3. Festival International du Film sur les Handicaps (FIFH) 2020

4. Cine Lebu Festival Internacional de Cine 2020

5. Mi Primer Festival 2020

6. Canterbury Anifest Award 2020

7. CMS, International Children’s Festival (ICFF)

8. International Animation Film Festival (IAFF) Golden Kuker – Sofia

9. Kuala Lumpur International Film Festival in the Sky

10. ZEBRA Animation Friendly Festival

1. Best Short Animation Award at the 4th Festival International Du Film Sur Les Handicap 2020 (FIFH)

2. Next Gen Winner, Digicon6 Regional (Malaysia)

3. Intellectual Property Creator Challenge (IPCC) 2018

Hilmi Ismail

Hilmi Ismail

Kring! Kring!