Lucid Journey

Lucid Journey
Arda Bilen
04:23 | Turkey

Danny, who opened his eyes to a colorless life, tries to understand this situation, tries to remember his daughter, who has the most important place in his life, and his journey begins in this process.
(This is my first short animated movie I made this movie by myself.) (BTW this is my graduation project )

Screenings and Awards
Movie Preview on Hacettepe University
June 3, 2022

Arda Bilen
Arda Bilen

For as long as you can remember, someone with passion is always making a review in the movie. My love for portraits started with my love for dinosaurs when I was a kid. I applied for the course and won high school in order to catch up with Ankara Fine Arts High School. It was a turning point for my school year for high school, that’s when I won the most. After graduating from high school, I won the Department of Graphic Design at Hacettepe University.


Lucid Journey Lucid Journey

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