Machine World

Machine World | Makine Dünyası
Gökhan Cılam
02:12 | Turkey

The near future… A young man (Kaan) wakes up from coma and realizes that the world has changed: There are no humans anywhere and almost everything is in ruins. Machines constantly damaging the environment by taken orders from billboards. Kaan tries to stop this system.


Gökhan Cılam
Gökhan Cılam

Director Gökhan Cılam born in İzmit, Turkey. He studied cinema at Marmara University. Then started his master’s degree in Film Design at Maltepe University.
During & after his education, he created short films & animations. These films were nominated & awarded in various festivals.
He is currently making indie films, composing music & writing stories.


Machine World Machine World Machine World Machine World

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