Muedra | Muedra
Cesar Diaz
8:50 | Spain | 2019

Life can arise anywhere; nature behaves strangely and days can last for minutes. Although everything is familiar to us, nothing is what it seems in this place.

The fight for survival and the cycle of life from a different perspective.

Stop motion animation in nature.


-22 Festival de MÁLAGA, Spain

-12 International Animation Film Festival of Meknes (FICAM) – Morocco

-Festival Internacional de Cinema da Fronteira, Brasil

-Animation Day in CANNES 2019, France.

– The Melbourne International Animation Festival (MIAF) Australia

– New Zealand International Film Festival’s (NZIFF)

-17 Festival Internacional de Cortos Caostica , Bilbao, Spain

-FICICA International Cine a la calle Short Film Festival, Colombia

-2019 Florida Animation Festival, USA

-La Truca International animation festival, Colombia

– Sardinia Film Festival 2019, Italy

– KloosterKino Animation festival, Netherlands

– KINOLIKBEZ film festival, Sant Petersburg, Russia

– Indy Shorts International Film Festival. Indianapolis, USA

-Fantoche International animation festival 2019, Switzerland

-Insomnia International Animation Film Festival,. Moskow, Russia

-30th Sao Paulo International Short Film Festival, Brasil

-ANIMA International Animation festival, Córdoba, Argentina

– Calzada de Calatrava International Film Festival 2019, Spain

– FNNH – Film night at the castle, Slovakia.

– 35th International Festival of Animation Cinema, Comics and Games, Rimini, Italy

-CRAFT International Animation Festival 2019 , Java, Indonesia

– Turku Animated Film Festival 2019, Finland

– XIII Sapporo International Film Festival, Japan

-PIXELATL International Animation film festival 2019- Mexico

-38th animation film festival in Bourg en Bresse, France

-Shorts México International film festival 2019- Mexico

-Animario International animation festival, Madrid, Spain

– FAN Chile International animation film festival 2019, Chile

-Edinburgh Short Film Festival 2019

-MK2 film festival- Spain

-36 BOGOCINE Festival internacional, Bogota, Colombia.

-Bogoshorts 2019- festival de cortometyrajes de Bogota, Colombia

-36th Tehran International Short Film Festival, Iran

-Festival Stop motion Montreal 2019, Canada

-London International Animation Festival (LIAF 2019), UK

-StopTrik International Film Festival 2019- Slovenia-Poland

-2019 KuanDu International Animation Festival, Taiwan

-33rd LEEDS International Film Festival 2019, UK

-Mejor cortometraje Castilla y Leon- Best film- SEMINCI Festival internacional de Cine de Valladolid, Spain

-Mejor cortometraje de Animación/ Best animation film-Ocubre en Corto, Festival de cine de Arnedo, La Rioja, Spain

-Mejor cortometraje de animación no narrativo – abstracto/ Best abstract animation – 10th ANIMA Cordoba, Argentina

-Mejor corto de la comunidad de Madrid/ Best animation film- Premios de Animación de la comunidad de Madrid, World Animation Day, Spain

-Mejor cortometraje nacional/ Best Nacional film: Festival internacional de Animación 3D Wire, Segovia, Spain

-Best Animation film Award: Edinburgh Short Film Festival, Scotland 2019

. Premio del público/ Audience Award- Florida Animation Festival, USA

– Premio del Público /Audience Award ANIMAC 19, Muestra internacional de cine de Animación, LLeida, Spain

-Best International Animation film – VideoBabel International animation festival- Cuzco, Peru.

-Best Animation Short film 32 Semana de Cine Medina del Campo- Valladolid, Spain

-Mejor cortometraje de animación/ Best animation film, Festival de cortometrajes CreatRivas 2019, Madrid, Spain

– Premio Madrid en Corto, Semana del cortometraje de la Comunidad de Madrid / Madrid Short film Award.

-Premio de la Critica, Semana del cortometraje de la Comunidad de Madrid / Critic Award- Madrid Short film week.

-Mejor cortometraje de Animación / Best Animation short film- 13º Festival Internacional de Cine de Sax, Alicante, Spain

.Mejor making of/ Best Making Of- Shorty Week International film festival, Cadiz, Spain

-Mejor animador/ Best Animator Award – 30 Festival Internacional de cortometrajes de Sao Paulo, Brasil

-Premio del jurado/ Jury award, Festival Internacional Sierra de Gata-Gateando 2019

-Mejor cortometraje de Animación/ Best Animation film -XII Certamen de Cortometrajes de Bujaraloz. Spain

-Mejor cortometraje de Animación/ Best animation film- Madrid Indie film fest 2019, Spain

-Premio del publico/ Audience award –Nuits Magiques festival 2019, Begles, France

-Mejor Cortometraje/ Best Short Film –VII Maazzeni Film Festival, Italy

-Segundo premio mejor cortometraje / 2nd Award Best film, La mida no importa/Size doesn’t matter Film Festival, Barcelona, Spain

-Mejor cortometraje/ Best film, Aguacate film festival, Spain

-Mejor cortometraje/ Prize for Best Short Film- Children’s Jury of the 23th Montreal International Children’s Film Festival, Canada

-Mejor cortometraje de animación/ Best animation film, 8ª Edición de Rural FilmFest , Spain

Cesar Diaz

Cesar Diaz

Muedra Muedra