The Crowd

The Crowd |
Pelin Kırca
07 min 06 s | Turkey

The animated film “The Crowd” is evoked by the composition The Crowd from the 1971 album “Sing Me a Song of Songmy, a Fantasy for Electromagnetic Tape” by İlhan Mimaroglu and Freddie Hubbard. Pelin Kirca turns the associations she had into a surreal game and invites the audience to participate.

Composed by avant-garde musician İlhan Mimaroglu and accompanied by trumpeter Hubbard, the album is known for bringing together choir, strings, and all the ‘familiar’ sounds of jazz music as well as the ‘unfamiliar’ or rather experimental sounds of musique concrète. The Crowd also contains some text excerpts and poems, especially by Fazıl Hüsnü Daglarca; when we listen to the words, it is quite possible to perceive the existence of anti-war messages mixed into the melody.

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