Fish Out Of Water

Fish Out Of Water
04:09 | Turkey

Fish Out Of Water is a short experimental animated movie. When the norms, traditions, customs and culture of the society are taken as basis, there are individuals outside of them. These individuals who cannot adapt to the existing order are labeled ‘misfit’. The visibility of missing individuals is very difficult in societies that have developed in order to maintain order, in fact it is so in every society. Because they’re lost on their labels! These individuals, who have been ignored from the society, have difficulty in adapting to sexual orientation, race, gender, religion, and they struggle both inside and outside to be a part of the society puzzle. This is exactly the subject of this animation. Fish Out Of Water, whose main character is Osto, presents the society that caused the character’s internal and external conflicts and the lost individual himself.

Anifest Animation Festival
April 9, 2021
Second Place