Flood | Flut
Malte Stein
09:55 | Germany | 2018

“A dirty lake bursts its banks and begins to flood the town.
At last there´s a good reason to keep the son at home.
But in isolation, nightmarish associations start to mix with reality.
And whilst outside the world sinks peacefully under water,
a domestic apocalypse rages inside. ”


Boston Short Film Festival
2020, Boston, USA

ASIFA SOUTH Animtion Conference and Festival
June 2020, Georgta, BosniaUSA

NAFF Neum Animted Film Festival
June 2020, Mostar, Bosnia Herzegovina

Florida Animation Festival
June 2020, Florida,USA

Sydney World Film Festival
April 14th – 24th 2020, Sydney, Australia

Blon Animation and Games Festival
April 23th – 26th 2020, Klaipeda, Lithuania

Glas Animation Festival
March 19th – 22th 2020, Barkeley, California, USA

Brussels Independent Film Festival
Februaer 09th . 15th 2020, Belgium

Piccolo Festival dell’Animazione 2019
December 09th – 19th 2019, Udine, Italy

Lichtspiele Kalk
December 07th, Köln, Germany

17th Mumia Brazil
December 02th – 07th 2019, Brazil

Kinoproba Film Festival
December 01th – 05th 2019, Ekaterinburg, Russia

LIAF 2019 London International Festival
November 29th – December 08th 2019, UK

ReAnima 2019
November 29th – 17t 2019, Bergen, Norway

Icona 2019 Animation FEstival
November 29th – 01th 2019, Kerkira,Greece

5th Animation Marathon 2019
November 21th – 24t 2019, Athens,Greece

WIFF Weyauwega International Film Festival
November 13th – 16th 2019, Weyauwega, Wisconsin, USA

Shortcutz Berlin
November 13th 2019, Berlin, Germany

Linz International Short Film Festival
November 07th – 10th 2019, Austria

Klappe Auf! Kurzfilmfestival
November 08th – 10th 2019, Hamburg,Germany

Feinaki Beijing Animation Week
November 2019, Beijing, China

October 31th 2019, Belarus

ReAnimania International Animation and Comics Art Festival
October 24th – 29th 2019, Yereva, Armenia

21.Internationales Trickfilmfestival Wiesbaden
October 23th – 27th 2019, Germany

LUFF Lausanne Underground Film and Music Festival
October 16th – 20th 2019, Switzerland

Toronto Arthouse Festival
October 07th – 11th 2019, Toronto, Canada

OAXACA Film Fest X
October 04th – 10th 2019, Mexico

Sweaty Eyeballs Animation Festival
October 04th – 06th 2019, Baltimore, Maryland

Ottawa International Animation Festival 2019
September 25th – 29th 2019, Ottawa, Canada

Bit Bang Fest
September 25th – 29th 2019, Buenos Aires, Argentinia

Festival of Animation FAB
September 21th, Berlin,Germany

Animation Volda
September 12th-15th, Norway

FANTOCHE International Animation Film Festival
Sepember 03th – 8th 2019, Baden, Schwitzerland

Warsaw Animation Film Fest
August 30th – September 01th 2019, Warsaw, Poland

der Neue Heimatfilm Filmfest
August 23th – 25th 2019, Burg Klempenow

La Guarimba Film Festival
August 07th – 11th 2019, Amantea,Italy

4th Sacramento Underground Film & Arts Festival
July 25 – 28th 2019, California,USA

13th Annual TAIS Animation Showcase
July 20th 2019, Toronto, Canada

July 18th – 22th 2019, Russia

Super F!?ked Up Film Festival
July 18th 2019, Fort Collins,Colorado

SICAF 2019 The 23th Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival
July 07th – 21th 2019, Seoul, South Korea

KO:SH Film Festival
July 02th – 06th 2019, Korca, Albania

Fest Anca International Animation Festival
June 27th – 30th 2019, Zilina, Slovakia

FECI Bogota International Independent Film Fairof Bogota
June 12th – 22th 2019, Bogota, Colombia

Animadeba 12th Festival Internacional de Animacion
June 19th – 23th 2019, Debay, Gipuzkoa

Hong Kong Arthouse Film Festival
June 18th 2019, Hong Kong, China

Festival d`Animation Annecy
June 10th – 15th 2019, Annecy, France

Holly Weird Film Festival
June 09th 2019, Los Angeles, California

June 03th – 08th 2019, Zagreb, Croatia

Kinomorphia Film Festival
May 16th – 19th 2019, Sofia, Bulgaria

Bal Can Kino
May 10th 2019, Athens, Greece

Anifilm International Festival of Animated Film
May 07th – 12th 2019, Trebon,Czech Republic

29. Filmkunstfest MV
May 03th 2019, Schwerin,Germany

ITFS 26th International Festival of Animated Film Stuttgart
Apri 30th – May 5th 2019, Stuttgart,Germany

Cellu l`art Kurzfilmfestival
April 23th – 28th 2019 Jena, Germany

Filmfest Dresden International Shortfilm Festival
April 09th – 14th 2019 Dresden, Germany

Skepto International Film Festival
April 03th – 06th 2019 Cagliari,Italy

Animakom International Animation Festival
April 02th – 08th 2019 Bilbao, Spain

Cinema Perpetuum Mobile ISFF
March 30th – April 03th 2019 Minsk, Belarus

Mecal Pro Barcelona Internationl Short and Animation Festival
March 29th 2019, Barcelona, Spain

Europanorama 2019
March 19th – 21th 2019, Skopje,Republic of North Macedonia

FluXus Animation Film Festival
February 16th 2019, Zaandam, Netherlands

VOID International Animation Film Festival 2019
January 24th to February 2th 2019, Copenhagen, Denmark

CRASH-10th. International Fantastic Film Festival 2018
December 12th to 16th 2018, Goiás, Brazil

Sound & Image International Festival 2018
December 4th to 9th 2018, Macau

TINDIRINDIS International Animation Film Festival 2018
November 29th to December 2nd 2018, Vilnius, Lithuania

Magma – mostra di cinema breve
November 29th to December 2nd 2018, Acireale (CT),Italy

16th ANILOGUE International Animation Festival
November 28th to December 2nd 2018, Budapest, Hungary

ANIMASIVO-Mexico City Contemporary Animation Festival 2018
November 28th to December 2nd 2018, Mexico City, Mexico

GIRAF animation festival 2018
November 21th to 25th 2018, Calgary, Canada

Sommets du cinéma d`animation 2018
November 21th to 25th 2018, Montreal, Canada

KFFK/Kurzfilmfestival Köln N°12
November 14th to 18th, Köln, Germany

PÖFF-Black Nights Film Festival 2018
November 16th to December 6th 2018, Tallinn, Estonia

Asiana International Short Film Festival 2018
November 1th to 6th 2018, Seoul,South Korea

New Chitose Airport International Animation Festival 2018
November 2th to 5th 2018, Japan

DOK Leipzig/German Competition
October 29 to November 4th 2018, Leipzig,Germany

Balkananima – European Animated Festival
October 2th to 6th 2018, Belgrad, Serbia

Taichung International Animation Festival (TIAF)
October 11th to 16th 2018, Taiwan

Tofuzi – International Festival of Animated Film
October 1th to 6th 2018,Georgia

AnimaSyros International Festival + Agora
September 26th to 30th 2018,Greek

Ars – Independent Festival 2018
September 25th to 30th 2018,Poland

Linoleum Animation Festival
September 6th, 2018, Kiev, Ukraine

Turku – Animated Film Festival

Allentown, Pennsylvania, USA

OFF18, Odense International Film Festival
27 August to 2 September 2018, Denmark

Honourable Mention
Florida Animation Festival 2020

Best Animated Film
Sydney World Film Festival 2020

Best First Film
Kinoproba Film Festival 2019

Best Animated Film Award
Toronto Arthouse Film Festival 2019

Special Mention
FAB Festival of Animation Berlin 2019

Honourable Mention
13th Annual TAIS Animation Showcase Toronto 2019

Best Animated Film
Hong Kong Arthouse Film Festival 2019

Best First Film Zladko Grgic Award
ANIMAFEST Zagreb 2019

Grand Prix Animation
Mecal Pro International Short and Animation Film Festival 2019 – Barcelona

Best Animation
Sound & Image International Festival 2018, Macau

Best International Short Film
ANIMASIVO-Mexico City Contemporary Animation Festival 2018

Special Mention
Balkananima – European Animated Festival 2018 – Serbia

Special Mention
Tofuzi – International Festival of Animated Film 2018 – Georgia

Nominee for Børge Ring Award
OFF18, Odense International Film Festival 2018 – Denmark