Ice Race

Ice Race | Buz Yarişi
Şevval Mehniyar, Ceyda Bozbaş
03:37 | Turkey

An Olympic penguin tournament is held on an iceberg. The presenter starts presenting the contest. Penguins take turns jumping. The first competitor performs the ‘Sarı Bacak’ jump and gets a total of 20 points jury members. It’s the second contestant’s turn. ‘Gaga Burun’ takes his place to perform the jump, but suddenly a killer penguin comes behind him and tries to kill ‘ Gaga Burun ‘. The penguins who provide security intervene and drive the killer penguin away. The host calms the atmosphere and the competition continues. Performs the ‘ Gaga Burun ‘ jump. Jury members give ‘ Gaga Burun ‘ a total of 22 points. It’s the turn of the last contestant, ‘Tüylü’. Feather makes a perfect jump and gets full points from the judges. ‘ Tüylü ‘ wins the competition, which is celebrated enthusiastically by the other penguins. It is carried on feathered shoulders. ‘ Tüylü ‘ blinks with happiness, but when he opens his eyes, he realizes that he is on a piece of broken ice, the whole glacier has melted.

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