The Enigma Of Faina

The Enigma Of Faina | L’énigme De Faïna
Durna Safarova
04:54 | Azerbaijan

Faina, a 33-year-old woman from Azerbaijan, loses her life under suspicious circumstances in a prison in 2007. Silenced today by the authorities and forgotten by society, Faina’s story is about a female activist who fought for freedom, justice and democracy.

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Durna Safarova
Durna Safarova

Journalist and filmmaker Durna Safarova is a media manager at – visual storytelling platform in South Caucasus. She studied journalism in the Baku State University and got an MA in Cinema at the Istanbul Bilgi University. Besides, she was involved in film analysis and workshops. She is experienced in various positions in film production and script-writing, as well as film distribution.


The Enigma Of Faina The Enigma Of Faina The Enigma Of Faina

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