The Shepherd

The Shepherd | Çoban
Doğuş Özokutan
01:00 | Turkey | 2020

The Shepherd starts telling its story by depicting how life on earth began, progresses through the hypothesis of the Panspermia…

The first creature emerging from the water moving to the land… Evolution of the humankind… The endless effort to control the nature… The Shepherd tells the story of the destruction humankind brought to the world by thinking just like a newborn baby: The world consists of only himself and everything else is his extension.


About Director
Doğus Özokutan is a scriptwriter, director and journalist, recently had her Visual Arts masters degree. Her fiction shorts “Random Attempts” and “Kismet” (co-directed with Vasvi Çiftcioğlu), won 4 international awards and had more than 80 festival screenings worldwide, including Oscar Qualifying Short Shorts and Asia 2016, Bafta Qualifying Leeds International Film Festival 2018 and Goya Qualifying Soria International Film Festival 2019.