Guest of Honor: Peter Lord

Salt Galata – 19 October Wednesday 18:00


Guest of Honor of the 10th Animators International Film Festival; Peter Lord, co-founder and creative director of world-renowned stop-motion studio Aardman Animations.

Among the most popular Aardman productions are Chickens on the Run, Pirates and the TV series Shaun the Sheep, which are well known in Turkey. The Morph character is another Aardman character that is a favorite of animation lovers. Aardman is a studio that brings its beloved stop-motion characters beyond the cinema and television channels to the virtual reality (VR). Aardman Animations was founded in England in 1972, and revolutionized the branch of the technique of stop-motion in which marionettes move square by square.  As a way to ensure the studios’ independence, it became an establishment owned by its employees in November 2018.


Peter Lord Master Class 

The first meeting with Peter Lord, the guest of honor of the festival, will be on Wednesday, October 19 at 18:00 at Salt Galata Auditorium. There will be translations from English to Turkish at the masterclass, where Peter Lord will tell both his own animated cinema adventure and Aardman’s story.


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