Enter the Beardman

Enter the Beardman | Выход Бородача
Roman Safarov
9:42 | Russian Federation | 2020

Bearded karateka Chuck and his eleven year old student and friend Tam-Tam become hostages of the terrible Сat Spirit of Wool, who wants to enslave the whole world and destroy humanity.

Roman Safarov
About Director
Roman Safarov
Roman Safarov graduated from the Yaroslavl Art School as an artist. In 2012, he graduated from VGIK with a degree in animation director. Roman Safarov worked on animation series at the studios “Stella”, “RWS”, “Argus”, “Wednesday”, “VGIK-Debut”, “Lime Production”, «Parovoz» and many others. In 2012, Roman Safarov presented the short film «The Shrimps», which participated in many international festivals and won several major prizes. Based on the short film, Roman Safarov developed his own project of the animated series “Shrimps”, which soon received a green light at the Stella studio. Later, in the same studio, Roman Safarov directed several episodes of the animated series «SpaceBadminton».

Enter the Beardman Enter the Beardman Enter the Beardman