Epirenov. | Epirenov.
Alejandro Ariel Martin
15:00 | Argentina | 2019

Epirenov is the last inhabitant on Earth. He monotonously walks around the empty desert in search of pieces necessary to build a partner. In one of his usual tours he discovers an artifact that will change his world.

Alejandro Ariel Martin
About Director
Alejandro Ariel Martin
Alejandro Ariel Martin is an audiovisual director in Film and Television, has a Degree in Social Communication from the National University of Rosario and has a postgraduate degree in Creative Communication from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. He is director and screenwriter of the animated short film Epirenov, winner of the Espacio Santafesino stimulus award

Epirenov. Epirenov. Epirenov. Epirenov.