Beyza Tolgay
01:19 | Almanya

The woman in the blue dress is overwhelmed by the little fails of daily life. She drops her cup on the floor and this event puts her in tears. She starts explaining the feeling behind the cry as a monologue. She talks about her needs, about the circumstances she’s in and about the the shame and fear to be that vulnerable. In the end she finds peace in a silent prayer and her chaotic thoughts are gone.

Gösterim ve Ödüller
July 3, 2022
International Premiere

Beyza Tolgay
Beyza Tolgay

Beyza Tolgay is an illustration and animation artist from Mainz, Germany. Her great passion is analogue mediums and her favourite tools are coloured pencils. “Rain” is her Master degree project.


Rain Rain Rain Rain Rain Rain

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